Sneakers Seekers Expands Blackstone Line to Online Sneakers Store

From the Netherlands to your doorstep, Sneakers Seekers ( now retails even more styles from the hot Dutch brand Blackstone, known for its design-forward, classic and well-crafted high-tops and low-top sneakers. Last month, we added Generic Surplus and continues to retail the hottest lines in sneakers today.

Blackstone Men's High Top Sneaker

Blackstone Men’s AM22 High Top Sneaker

A Dutch company that is growing in popularity in the United States, Blackstone started in 1992 from a third-generation family company, creating fashionable, grungy sneakers that today have evolved into a more classic, contemporary look and feel. The company is known for pushing the boundaries with its sneakers and creating shapes, colors and designs that are beloved by celebrities throughout the Netherlands.

Sneakers Seekers offers the latest in celebrity-endorsed sneakers, fashion, high-tops, low-tops, and casual sneakers for men and women. We also offer free shipping, great offers, easy returns and more options than ever.

Blackstone Men's Sneakers

Blackstone Men’s AM02 High Top Sneaker

Current Blackstone sneakers include a casual wing-tip canvas sneakers, a high-top sneakers, nubuck sneakerss, leather sneakers, woven sneakers, chukka sneakers and more, in a variety of colors and sizes all at

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